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The Elder Scrolls Online: Presentasi Sistem Tempur

January 26, 2022 by Joe
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The principle of battle

Each character in the game will have a skill bar with six slots: the first two are allocated to weapon skills, class skills occupy the next three slots and players can place Ultimate Abilities in the sixth slot.

Weapon skills are derived from the type of weapon the character is currently using. There will be more than two available, but players can only place two on the skill bar for active use. The same goes for class skills. Basically, any three skill classes can fill three related slots in the skill bar. However, they must be selected gacor slots to support each other. All characters have a set of Ultimate Abilities, which are supposedly very powerful. That’s why only one can be used, so fill the designated skill bar slot.

Armor skills are also in the game. They are passive, so won’t fill any slots in the skill bar. This skill will depend directly on the type of armor the player is wearing. Characters don’t need to use only one type of armor, but more pieces of the same type of armor will give further access to the related skill tree.

In TESO, the main character’s stats are health, stamina, and magicka. Health is the total number of life points of the character (how much damage can be done before death occurs). Stamina is the resource needed for weapon attacks, running, blocking and dodging. Casting spells requires magicka.

Targeting mechanism

TESO’s soft-lock targeting allows the player to select his target using a mouse-controlled reticle. That means the character must confront and aim at his target to hit him with an attack afterward. The target can only escape the attack by using dodge or dodging abilities. There’s also a hard-lock targeting option that lets players focus on the target, especially useful during large encounters (with multiple players and/or NPCs).

Battle damage and evasion

To this end, The Elder Scrolls Online has three special abilities.

Dodging and blocking can be used to avoid getting hit by an opponent, be it a monster or another player. Through dodging, the player basically moves to dodge incoming attacks. Using his shield or weapon, the player can also block attacks.

Stealth abilities allow players to move undetected around enemies without entering battle. Incognitos will also be available in-game as loot. Players can use this outfit to walk indefinitely near enemies.

All of these abilities along with sprints require varying amounts of stamina.

Synergy and Expertise

Synergy is a system at TESO that practically rewards two players for working together. This means that when one player uses an ability, another player can interact with it at any given moment and improve it. In other words, players are rewarded for paying attention to the fight and reacting immediately at the right time. The benefits vary from simply helping the team to get faster kills, skill points, to bonus experience, loot, and special rewards.

Synergy is not limited to players. Monsters also use this system to increase the power of their abilities, making them more difficult to kill.

Proficiency is another system that offers the benefit of players being able to use their skills efficiently during combat. Moreover, it maintains a fair reward system where no effort means no benefit. As a result, successful attacks, interrupts, blocking, use of synergies, and other actions will earn proficiency points. Proficiency points are required for Ultimate Abilities, so by getting them faster, players will be able to use their Ultimates more often. Based on the number of proficiency points earned, players will also receive extra loot, gold and experience.

Player vs Player

PvP at TESO will be available in an organized form, but can also occur naturally anywhere. Players will have unlimited access to enemy areas. The developer creates a bottleneck between the three alliance territories to increase the difficulty of advancing into the territory controlled by the opponent.

During the Alliance vs Alliance battle, players will fight for resources and fortresses to reach the ultimate goal, taking control of the Imperial City. The player with the highest rank from the winning alliance, becomes the Emperor and receives special skills that significantly increase his combat abilities. Players, guilds and alliances will have leaderboards and achievements to show their progress and fighting skills.

TESO’s combat system is very smooth yet easy to understand. Appreciating team play and good fighting skills, players are encouraged to do the best job they can during the fight. TESO fans are invited to share their opinions and find out more facts about the battle on the Elder Scrolls Online forums.